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Kids Tooth Restoration

Pediatric Dental Crowns of the Highest Quality

All KTR Crowns are made of the highest quality medical grade materials available, and subjected to stringent quality controls. The result is a high quality, consistent, reliable pediatric crown that ensures effective and efficient use of chair time, and treatment planning.

KTR Pediatric Zirconia Crowns Molar Set
Zirconia Crown Inside

KTR Zirconia Crowns

Primary Anteriors, Cuspids, & Molars:

Achieving life-like aesthetics while ensuring durability and simple placement.

  • Impervious to color change, maintaining its original appearance.

  • Meticulously polished to minimize plaque accumulation on a smoother surface.

Stainless Steel Crown

KTR Stainless Steel Crowns

Comes pre-trimmed, belled, and crimped to ensure a quick and hassle-free placement.

  • Carefully crafted without the use of any chemical surface treatments or final coatings.

  • 100% autoclave proof & the only crowns laser etched with dual universal & palmer numbering systems.

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Dr. Emerson Vicuna, DDS

I used 3M pre crimped stainless steel crowns for many years until i was introduced to KTR Nichro stainless steel trimmed and crimped crowns. I found KTR crowns to be much easier to use in my hands because they have a little flexibility compared to very rigid 3M crowns making it easier for me to place multiple units without having to go back and making additional tooth reductions to get crowns seated.

Dr. Eric Jacobson

Love KTR crowns! They have a fantastic fit, simple labeling system that has both the traditional label and primary tooth number on each crown making them easy for us to identify and put away! Also they laser etch the label on the crown so it doesn’t come off as easy as other brands! Their zirconia crowns are also beautiful! Happy to be using their products! Also their customer service is #1.

Dr. James Robinson, DMD

KTR Crowns are exceptional... We need something to last, fit well, and provide the confidence to families and kiddos that if we fix the tooth, it will actually be better! KTR crowns do just that. Additionally, I was able to compare them to all major stainless steel crown manufacturers and companies. I have used them for 3 years now and never once had a child back with occlusal wear. The adaptation is awesome and the price is even better!

Dr. Robert Wade

I have used just about every stainless steel crown on the market and recently decided to use these newly available crowns. My associate and I are thrilled with the contour and fit of these crowns, especially for the price. These fit just like much more expensive crowns at a reasonable price. I can stop looking for the best crowns; I found them!

Silver Stainless Steel Crowns
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