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GNI Orthodontics

Introducing GNI Orthodontics, our sister-company from South Korea.


At GNI Ortho, we are dedicated to providing top-quality orthodontic and pediatric dental supplies to meet the needs of dental professionals. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to enhance patient care, improve treatment outcomes, and support the daily operations of your practice. Explore our extensive product groups below and discover why GNI is the trusted choice for ortho-related dental supplies.

  • Our selection of orthodontic brackets and bands offers superior performance and precision. From traditional metal brackets to ceramic and self-ligating options, we have the perfect solution to meet your patients' needs.

    Brackets and Bands

    GNI Orthodontics Bracket
  • We offer a variety of wires and archwires, including colored nickel-titanium and stainless steel, to ensure optimal alignment and comfort. Our products are designed for durability and ease of use, providing consistent and reliable results.

    Wires and Archwires

    GNI Orthodontic Wires
  • Our high-quality adhesives and cements are formulated for strong, long-lasting bonds. Whether you need light-cured, chemical-cured, or dual-cured options, GNI has the products to secure brackets and bands effectively.

    Adhesives and Cements

    GNI Orthodontic Adhesives
  • GNI provides a wide range of orthodontic instruments and tools, from pliers and cutters to specialized devices for precise adjustments. Our instruments are crafted for durability and ease of use, ensuring efficiency in your practice.

    Instruments and Tools

    GNI Orthodontic Instruments
  • We offer a variety of elastics and chains in different sizes and strengths to meet the diverse needs of your patients. Our products are designed for maximum elasticity and strength, ensuring effective tooth movement.

    Elastics and Chains

    GNI Orthodontic Chains
  • GNI ORTHO provides state-of-the-art mini screws
    that are developed in Korea and marketed worldwide.

    Mini Screws

    GNI Orthodontic Mini screws
  • Our custom retainers and appliances are designed to maintain treatment results and provide comfort to patients. We offer a range of options, including clear retainers and functional appliances, to suit various orthodontic needs.

    Retainers and Appliances

    GNI Orthodontic Retainers
GNI Orthodontics Supply Company

Why Choose GNI?

At GNI Ortho, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our products are rigorously tested and designed to meet the highest industry standards. With our reliable and efficient supply chain, you can trust us to deliver the products you need, when you need them.


Explore our product groups and experience the GNI difference today. Please contact us for more information for becoming a distributor or to place an order for your dental office.

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